Where can I buy fake cigarettes that you actually smoke to help quit smoking?

I’ve been smoking heavily for several years now and I’m looking for various methods to quit smoking. I think my biggest problem isn’t the nic fits, it’s the physical addiction.

I’m looking for some sort of fake cigarette that you light, and smoke, but contains no nicotine. Best thing I’ve come up with so far is to buy the fake marijuana substitutes and roll that as a cigarette.
I guess it doesn’t have to be something you light, but something to drag on and inhale would be so helpful.

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6 Responses to “Where can I buy fake cigarettes that you actually smoke to help quit smoking?”

  • Roddy says:

    You might try switching to a pipe. Yeah, I know that’s still smoking but you don’t inhale pipe smoke. I went from 4 packs a day down to about 2 cigarettes a day with a pipe. Quitting smoking a pipe is far easier than cigarettes, though I have no intention of quitting my pipe since I’ve been doing it for more than thirty years and still enjoy the heck out of it. Early on it got to the point that cigarettes tasted nasty to me after having real tobacco.

    I still smoke a cigarette or two because there are places I just can’t smoke my pipe. Unlike cigarette smokers, most pipe smokers have to be taught how to do it right or they give up early and go back to cigarettes.

  • art howard says:

    Hello Foreleef,

    There are quite a few electronic cigarettes available. While you don’t light them up, they do glow on the end as if they were lit.

    What they all have in common is a water vapor nicotine delivery system. Some of them taste exactly like a cigarette, and even feel like you are taking smoke into your lungs and exhaling it.

    The great thing about them all, is that you can order full strength nicotine, medium strength, light, and even no nicotine.

    They are rechargeable, and you can smoke them in public places where you can’t smoke a real cigarette.

    The prices vary from around $59 for a complete starter kit all the way up to around $129 for the same kit.

    I no longer smoke, but my girlfriend does, and she’s tried 3 different ones, and believe it or not, it’s actually the least expensive one that she thinks tastes and simulates really smoking the best, and it also has the best warranty. And the warranty is important, because the first 2 she tried both broke down after the warranty. This one is still going strong 5 months later.

    If you’re interested in learning more about the product, paste and copy this link into your browser:


    While they will reduce your cost of smoking by about 75%, believe me, you’ll still find it hard to quit smoking using any nicotine replacement product.

    However, you’ll certainly cut down the number of carcinogens you inhale from about 4000 to around 2, and you’ll make everyone around you a whole lot happier and healthier in the process. :)

    I will say this also, you’ll have your best chance of quitting if you use an electronic cigarette than if you chose something like a pill, patch, shot, or gum. And, you’re absolutely right, you are more addicted to the physical act than you are to nicotine.

    There is now ample evidence that nicotine is not the addictive element in cigarettes, but rather dopamine is, which is activated by nicotine. If you choose the non nicotine refills, you’ll be nicotine free in 72 hours after you smoke your last real cigarette. The rest is a matter of how long it will take you to wean yourself from actually puffing the E-Cig.

    Good luck with your attempt to quit smoking. I know how hard it is to quit.

    Art Howard

  • robert c says:

    Electronic Smokeless Cigarette is a device that simulates the functions of a cigarette, excluding the harmful chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic found in traditional cigarettes. The device uses a small replaceable cartridge filled with propylene glycol and a small dose of nicotine, powered by a rechargeable battery. When the user inhales on the device, the air flow is detected by a sensor.

  • Andie says:

    There are three herbs that absolutley help to quit smoking they completely supress the withdrawal symptoms. One is Salvia but i don’t like it cuz it’s very strong, the other is Ecsphoria and the other is Wild Kratom. Wild kratom is opioid tea, Ecsphoria is just amazing. None of them are addicting.

  • =] says:

    Don’t get electronic cigarettes, because they’re still giving you nicotine just not with…’smoke’ but ‘vapor’ instead.
    On ebay you can buy fake cigarettes, and maybe smoke shops?

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