Is it normal for someone who just quit smoking to be wheezing and coughing uncontrolabley?

Just quit smoking a week ago, and the last couple days I have been wheezing alot and coughing uncontrolabley all day long. Is this normal or do I have bronchitis or something else?

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3 Responses to “Is it normal for someone who just quit smoking to be wheezing and coughing uncontrolabley?”

  • thomas m says:

    This is a normal part of quitting smoking.
    I had bronchitis for 4 years straight and blamed it on smoking.
    I been to the the doctor and spent lots of money on antibiotics but it was not bronchitis, it was abscessed teeth.
    You think of an abscessed tooth as something that makes your mouth swell up but that is not always true.
    You can have an abscessed tooth without knowing it and that means the poison goes into your bloodstream causing lots of different problems.
    See a dentist.
    I know that we would rather go to a doctor than a dentist but abscessed teeth can actually kill you.
    Dr. Migillicuddy’s mentholmint temporally relieves cough better than anything else.

  • A says:

    It is very normal for people to be like that after giving up. It’s your body getting rid of all the crap in it. It can go on for a while. It can be bad but obviously worth it. Keep it up!

  • Al says:

    Hello I’m a 44 year old male that smoke for at least 30 of those 44 years.I have quit smoking for for almost 3 weeks now and seem to be coughing all day.I do know that coughing is normal but I am doing a lot of wheezing when I lie down can anyone tell me if that is normal.

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