How long does it take to quit smoking?

I know each person is different, but about how long does it take for the cravings to go away. I can restraint from a cigarette for 8 hours each day at work, and have gone as long as 12 hours when I was on a trip with students. However, the minute the opportunity arises I’m having a cigarette. I crave the act of smoking much more than the nicotine I recieve from it (nicotine gum makes me crave a cigarette). I’ve tried to quit unsuccessfully and find if I don’t have access to them, the nicotine cravings occur about every 4-6 hours while the craving for a cigarette occurs ever 15-30 minutes. How long would it take for these cravings to disappear?

If you don’t understand the difference between craving a cigarette and craving the nicotine I don’t really know how to explain it to a non-smoker. Sorry.

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3 Responses to “How long does it take to quit smoking?”

  • lokimadhouse says:

    First of all, your body only needs 3 cigarettes to fulfill its nicotine addiction daily. If you can get through the first three days, you have pretty much quit. The hardest thing about quitting really is the psychological aspects of smoking. After the three days, your biggest craving will come from your psyche wanting to engage in the act of smoking. My suggestion, is as long as you can get past the initial quitting, buy yourself a pack or two of clove cigareetes. You can go through the action of smoking without the nicotine. Plus they smell so gross, that you will soon get past smoking those as well. If I could suggest anything, Zyban was the most help for me to quit. I had tried the patch, nicotine gum, laser treatment, accupressure…when I did the Zyban, there were some side affects, but getting through the first three days of quitting was a breeze in comparison to the last five times I had tried to quit. Good luck!! It really is worth it! PS depending on how long you smoked for, it could take six months to a year for you to stop thinking daily about smoking.

  • pug says:

    when you find out let me knoe. i been trying for 25 yeaes.

  • Uncle John says:

    it varies from people to people. I once knew someone, a neighbor who quit. I don’t know how long it took him- maybe 5 years or less, using the bitter gum that is supposed to help.He wanted a balloon from Home Town Buffet, for his success. Some people never quit. I’m a non smoker, by the way.

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