How long did you crave cigarettes after you quit smoking?

I am bound and determined to quit smoking, it’s been two days since I’ve had a smoke. I used to smoke a pack a day. I went cold turkey, and am using nicotine gum But the cravings are still really strong to smoke. I know individual experience will vary, but how long did it take for your really bad cravings to go away?

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3 Responses to “How long did you crave cigarettes after you quit smoking?”

  • KIm says:

    I was a very heavy smoker, smoked about 2 1/2 packs a day. I stopped cold turkey (used trident gum lol). I had strong cravings for the first 3 days, then it got a little better. The intensity and number of cravings a day started to drop everyday after that. By the end of two weeks I was only having like 3-4 cravings a day and they only lasted for a minute or two and were gone. Then around week 4, I was coasting along feeling great and WHAM…I got slapped upside the face with a craving that was like (or maybe a little stronger) than the first/second day cravings. I had really intense cravings like this about once a day for the next 1 1/2 weeks. After that they turned into very low intensity cravings about every other day. And right now I couldn’t honestly tell you when my last craving was (been a while).

    Hang in there you can do this, you only have a day or two more to go and it will get easier. In a month or two you will look back and be like "why did it take me so long to quit?"

  • ~pink loVer~ says:

    i dont smoke but my friend does. he said it was abouot 2 month after he stopped smoking. to distract hiimself, he does different things like playing computer games, going out and stuffs

  • Chris B says:

    from personal expirence the really intense cravings last for about a month, but then you start to feel so good that you have very little desire to smoke (this is how i felt) also whenever you have a bad craving, just remeber cravings only last 15 min so just time it and then the urge to smoke mostly has gone away. that always really helped me

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