Do your lungs clean themselves out at all after you quit smoking?

I have quit smoking for good. But, I have smoked on and off for about 2 years. I’d say my longest period of smoking was about 9 months. About a thimble size amount of pot being smoked once a day. Of course also the rare time of more than that. No cigarettes, just marijuana .
(Don’t need to hear peoples opinions on brain damage. And yes i say opinion.)

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6 Responses to “Do your lungs clean themselves out at all after you quit smoking?”

  • Stan P says:

    Regular exercise mate, regular breathing exercises will help you out in cleaning out your lungs.

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  • Andrew H says:

    well they will get better, tissue will repair itself. However they wont ever be fully "cleaned" all the shit you smoke. but u didnt smoke for too long so as long as u ahve quit for good, then ur good.

  • Mum Mum says:

    Yes, but the brain damage is permanent.

  • Jon D says:

    hell dude, i used to smoke weed 6 times a day! I’ve been sober since January 1st, 2009. There’s a ton of crap coating the inside of your lungs. It’s tar. Your lungs will repair some of the tissue, but the tar will always be there. Your lungs will never be fully perfect again.

  • TONY C says:

    Any histopathological chronic changes of functioning lung tissue caused by smoking will totally clear after 5 years of quitting.

  • Bob T says:


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